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The flannelgraph pictures for the story, the crafts and the audio files for the songs can only be accessed below with each unit's resources.

Teach, Take & Tell Units

Unit 1: How Can I Know What God Is Like? He Shows Me What He's Like!

Unit 2: Can Anybody Tell Me What the LORD Is Like? He's Not Like Anyone Else!

Unit 3: Can You Tell Me What God Made? God Made All Things Good!


Unit 4: How Did Bad Things Come into God's Good World? Bad Things Came through Sin!

Unit 5: What Are God's Laws Like? God's Laws Are Perfect!

Unit 6: What Is God's Love for His People Like? More than They Could Ever Deserve!


Unit 7: What Did Jesus Come to Do? Jesus Came to Bring Us to God!

Unit 8: How Can We Be Saved? It Is God's Free Gift!

Unit 9: How Should God's People Live Each Day? They Should Live Like Jesus!

Unit 10: How Does God Want Us to Pray? Every Night and Day!

Unit 11: Why Do God's People Go to Church? To Worship God and Love One Another!

Unit 12: What Will Happen When Jesus Comes Back? God Will Make Everything New!




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