The Praise Factory Music

Words set to music have an amazing way of sticking with us. And what better use for music than as a vehicle of remembering and reciting great truths about God!

For this reason, two friends and I set out on the great task of putting the sixteen Praise Factory Big Questions and over 150 Scripture Verses to music, to go with the curriculum hymns and praise songs. I was hoping for something catchy, yet appropriate (if you remember the old GT and the Halo Express Scripture CDs, you will know what I had in mind.)…and something free to reproduce (for non-commercial, educational purposes) so that it could be freely shared with the curriculum—no royalties or licenses attached!

God kindly gave me grace to adapt the words and write the new music. God kindly gave two members of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Diane Davis (vocalist) and Jennifer Jackson (pianist), the talent to take my musical beginnings and transform them into something special. What a feast of Scripture we had on various Saturdays from September, 2008 to February, 2009 in the worship hall of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, with Greg Brown, one of our Deacons of Sound, patiently and cheerfully helping us record! A lot of Scripture, a lot of worship and a lot of fun!

Yes, that’s right, these are not studio recordings. You’ll notice that. This was the best the budget and our fledging attempts could afford. We are looking forward to “Take 2” of studio standard recordings and making them available to you in the future.

Nonetheless, I think you will find the songs useful and enjoyable--though humble--for use with the curriculum and with families at home. We know our teachers and families have here at CHBC.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Constance Dever

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Download Teach, Take & Tell Music

Download Big Questions and Answers for little people Music

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New Hymn Tunes (in alphabetical order)

In recent searches through hymnals, I have found some wonderful hymns I had never heard of. Here are some put to new tunes.

May they bring fresh encouragement to you about the wonders of our great God!

4/6/2010  Re-vamping the bass lines on these hymns to make them easier to sing and play. Will be adding them back gradually for download.

Hymns finished and available:  Sands of Time (see below for downloading)


Binder of all the Hymns

Hymns Binder  pdf


Separate hymns:

As Thy Days, Thy Strength Shall Be Words by J. Fawcett new!

Hymn with Chords  pdf

Brief Life Is Here Our Portion Words by Bernard of Cluny

Hymn with Chords pdf

Depth of Mercy Words by Charles Wesley

Hymn with Chords  pdf

Hail to the Lord's Anointed Words by James Montgomery

Hymn with Chords  pdf

He Has Come, the Christ of God Words by Horatius Bonar  (Christmas)

Hymn with Chords  pdf

Arrangement for Choir pdf

How Willing Was Jesus to Die Words by Joseph Swain

Hymn with Chords pdf

I Asked the Lord Words by John Newton

Hymn with Chords

Jesus Lives Words by Gellert, trans. Cox new!

Hymn with Chords pdf

The Sands of Time Are Sinking Words by Anne Ross Cousin

Hymn with Chords pdf

listen to The Sands of Time Are Sinking: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-LllV63UR0

Through All the Changing Scenes of Life Words by Nahum Tate (Psalm 34)

Hymn with Chords pdf

We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died Words by Thomas Kelly new!

Hymn with Chords pdf