Ordering, Pricing & Usage


Ordering, Pricing and Usage


Ordering and Pricing: Downloads

All the Praise Factory materials are available onlne through this website. All of the Praise Factory curriculum is free of charge for those using it for non-commercial, educational purposes. We know that many churches, schools and families desire good curriculum, but often have budgets that must spread far and thin.

However, if your organization is able to afford it, a one-time, $150 tax-deductible donation to 9Marks would be greatly appreciated and well used. 9Marks is an outreach ministry of Capitol Hill Baptist Church that seeks to foster God-glorifying churches around the world.

Learn more about 9Marks: http://www.9marks.org

Donate to 9Marks: http://www.9marks.org/donate

Download Teach, Take & Tell Curriculum

Download Big Questions & Answers for little people Curriculum

Download Praise Factory Curriculum


Ordering and Pricing: Hard Copies

I am working towards making many of the Praise Factory resources through amazon as I get the new, 2nd edition of each curriculum finished. Will post updates on the "What's New" section on the Praise Factory home page.



All Praise Factory resources are the copyrighted property of Constance Dever. Permission is granted for reproduction of the resources for non-commercial, educational purposes. If you have further questions, please contact Capitol Hill Baptist Church at (202) 543-6111.