PVC Cube House


12 lengths of PVC pipe (about 9' each) and 8 3-way corner fittings of the same diameter

The PVC pipe is easily obtainable from a hardware store.

The 3-way corner fittings can sometimes be found at a hardware store; but will without doubt be obtainable from a plumbing supply store in your town or online.


Simply attach the pipes to the fittings, making a cube shape. You may want to reinforce the corners with duct tape, though usually we've found the problem is not with the pipes coming out, but with detaching them, once they have been fitted together! It may take some strong arms!

The PVC cube is can be used to easily and inexpensively enhance the Drama group's play. It can be used as a house, a cave, a church, a hospital...really just about anything that you want it to be, simply by draping fabric or other simple props over the pipes.