Writing Projects

Writing Projects

What's Done and Available

Teach, Take & Tell All 12 Units (1 year's worth of curriculum)
Big Questions & Answers for little people All 12 Units (3 years' worth of curriculum)

The Praise Factory

Units 1,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12 (Over three years of curriculum)

My Plans, Lord Willing

Project #1 August 2011

I am creating hard copies of Big Questions & Answers, as well as working on The Big Question Box series, which will be all the stories, songs, action rhymes of Teach, Take & Tell and BQA with illustrations. Also, higher quality, studio versions of all the songs, (in NIV 1984, and also a blend of ESV/HCSB) and fixing all the guitar chords for the songs. Also continuing to edit/re-format the Praise Factory curriculum that is already online, to improve it and to prepare it for hard copy version, too. (FYI: Even when the hard copies are fininshed, the curriculum will stay for free online. This is just to provide the option to buy the curriculum already printed out.)

Project #2 (Sometime in 2012, maybe September?) Finish Praise Factory curriculum: Units 2,3,9,13,14,15,16

When Can You Get the New Stuff?

I will make the new curriculum available to you each time a new unit is finished. Check the curriculum updates in the "What's New?" section of the home page for the latest additions

What You Can Do

Please do pray for me! Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with all the work to do, especially as a largely one-man band! Pray that the Lord would enable me to complete this work with words inspired by Him, in the strength given by Him, and in the timing which pleases Him!

--Constance Dever